Meeting The Needs Of Residents

Here at Stone House we have a policy on how to meet special needs of Residents. For instance, adapted cutlery is provided for Residents with arthritis who are unable to use everyday cutlery.

Assistance in eating is offered discreetly and sensitively for any Resident who may require such aid. Any other special needs will be met as and when they become necessary.

Any information which Stone House has concerning any Resident is treated with the utmost confidentially, and only imparted to relevant persons or professional bodies when necessary and relevant. Residents and/or their families are entitled, and able, to examine all their personal written records as and when they wish, in accordance with the Access to Personal Files Act 1987.

Residents and their relatives and/or representatives are invited to make comments and/or criticisms about any aspect of the care and social life at Stone House. Any such comment or criticism would be recorded, and any action taken would be available for inspection.

If a Resident has a hospital appointment, and a relative/friend is unable to take or escort the Resident, then Stone House will take the Resident, with a staff escort, to meet the appointment. If the Resident is wheelchair-bound, then a member of staff will escort the Resident to hospital in a suitable hackney cab. If a Resident needs hospital transport, his/her GP will be contacted and will arrange for the amblance service to attend.

Notification of Residents medical needs is optional. If you wish to know about your Residents medical needs; doctors visit, change of medication, hospital visits, nursing visits, optician, chiropody etc, then please inform us should you wish to be contacted by email, post or phone.